Australia Travel Adventure

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  • image traveling the North
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  • Kimberley

    Australia travel adventure supplies you with the information on the best camping and fishing spots in Kimberley and Pilbara regions.

    image of the Kimberley area
    Map of the Kimberley Region
  • Pilbara

    The Pilbara region with its many isolated beaches and wonderful fishing is a must for any traveler in North West Australia.

    image pilbara area
    Map of the Pilbara Region

Northern Australia Travel Adventure

Traveling the North is an exciting adventure without doubt with the absolutely beautiful scenery, wonderful camping and cooking your tucker in a camp oven. In the Kimberley and Pilbara areas we catch fish, mud crabs, squid and oysters to cook in the camp oven at our camp.

Survival and recovery skills are demonstrated with many of the old proven methods, along with the latest recovery techniques. Also, how to safely launch a boat in remote areas on desolate beaches.

Outback Desert Travel

image of desert campingWhen we travel the outback desert regions survival techniques are demonstrated as well as how to live off the land and find drinkable water. At the same time, showing the beautiful scenery of our outback travel holiday.

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